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Festejo is the most representative dance genre of the black coastal population of Peru, which can be danced in mixed (male and female) groups, as well as in pairs or solo. It is a dance of celebratory nature, as suggested by its name (festejar 'to party or celebrate'), found predominantly in Lima and the Department of Ica - Chincha (also known as the Afro Peruvian folklore city), but currently danced in almost the entire coastal region of Peru. A highly energetic and sensual dance, which also allows improvisation from the dancers. It is in Chincha where they continue to preserve the traditional styles of festejo, lando, zapateo and other dances. The dancers follow each strike of the cajon or box drum and other instruments. The cajon is an Afro Peruvian instrument. There are various annual celebrations in Chincha, such as: Black Summer Festival, during end of February and beginning of March, more about the carnival:

Baila Peru, Berlin 2009

Baila Peru, London 2009

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